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Full Throttle Podcast

Feb 21, 2022

Shannon Thompson, what a privilege it was to be able to chat with the renowned mental performance consultant. Shannon started her journey into mental performance by working under world famous and best selling author of the book "Grit," Angela Duckworth. Coach Mike Smith of NAU (winners of the last 5 out of 6 NCAA XC Championships) is quoted as saying "The night before the National Championship, there is no one I would have addressing our team other than Shannon Thompson."  Shannon has incredible knowledge on how to cultivate the optimal performance state of mind which she coins as "DARE State." She has been integral in helping to shape the championship culture of not only Northern Arizona athletics, but professional teams as well. In addition to identifying attributes that make up winning culture, Shannon shares with us what the optimal performance state is, and modalities to cultivate it. Crush your next performance goal (athletic or personal) by getting in contact with Shannon via Hypo2:

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